Auditions For Two Shows This Weekend


The Off-Broadway Player's, Corner Brook's community theatre company, will be looking to fill roles for two upcoming productions this weekend.

In January, the group will be hitting the Arts and Culture Centre Stage in order to perform a "Monty Python" tribute show.The show will consist of songs and sketches from the Monty Python catalogue.

The group will be looking for many performers, both male and female, in order to fill many of the scenes which will be needed for the production.

The Monty Python show will be directed by Greg Taaffe and Jim Parsons.

In April, Off-Broadway will be performing Terry Johnson's comedy "Hysteria" for the 62nd annual provincial drama festival taking place this year in St. John's.The group will perform in early April in Corner Brook, before hitting the road for the capital city during the Easter Weekend.

"Hysteria" is the story of a fictionalized 1938 meeting between Salvador Dali and Sigmund Freud in the year before Freud's death.The roles include Freud, Dali, Freud's doctor, and Jessica, an attractive girl who appears in Freud's subconscious.

Hysteria will be directed by Jordan Stringer.

Auditions will take place this Saturday, December 3rd at Regina High School.There will be a meeting for all interested in being involved in the Monty Python tribute at 3:00.Auditions for Hysteria will take place at 4:00.The room number will be posted at Regina on Saturday afternoon.

There is no need for anybody to prepare anything for auditions.Scripts will be made available.

Those who are interested in auditioning but who are unavailable this Sunday are asked to contact the Off-Broadway Players at in order to arrange an additional audition time.

Also, anybody who is interested in being in the backstage crew of either show, is asked to contact the group.

Off-Broadway members must be 18 years or older.There is an annual $20 membership fee for Off-Broadway which can be paid at auditions.

For more information, please contact


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