Spring Time Is Script-Selection Time for the Off-Broadway Players


It is that time of year again when the Off-Broadway Players are asking people to submit a script to be considered for their fall production.

"This is always an exciting time of year for us because we really look forward to reading all kinds of scripts, especially those that can hopefully involve a lot of people from the community." Says OBP President Jordan Stringer.

"We would really like to encourage any of our mainstay members, as well as anyone who has considered getting involved with us, to submit a script. This is a wide-open opportunity for anyone," says Stringer.

Those interested in submitting a script must provide five copies of the play to a member of the OBP Executive, along with the name of an interested director, by Friday, May 31st.

The submitter must also provide a write-up of their overall vision for the show, including the venue where they would like to see the show performed, casting options, set, props, costumes, lighting and sound designs, as well as a rough overview of expenses.

Once submissions are in, the group will form a reading committee that will evaluate each play, and ultimately make a decision as to what script will be produced.

Those interested in submitting can contact Mr. Stringer by calling 638.2694, or by e-mailing jordankeithstringer@hotmail.com For more information about the Off-Broadway Players, visit www.OffBroadwayPlayers.com.

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