OBP's Letter to Santa


Dear Santa,

The Off-Broadway Players have been a very good community theatre company this year. We have done a number of successful productions, and we even managed to bring the 2010 provincial drama festival to city of Corner Brook.

We do not normally write letters to Santa. The people of Corner Brook are very generous and kind, and it's not very often that we find ourselves in need. However, this year we are faced with a little bit of a problem and are looking for a little bit of Christmas magic.

Storage space is extremely important in the running of any theatre group. Over the years, the Off-Broadway Players have accumulated a number of large set pieces, and we need somewhere to store all of these items. Over the last number of years, the very generous folks of GDR Enterprises (Marine Contractors) have very kindly donated storage space in the Aylward Building.

GDR Enterprises have done a lot of great work on the Aylward Building, and are continuing with some very big renovations in the space that they had loaned us. Unfortunately, for us, that means that we are no longer able store our materials there.

The problem is, as a community theatre troupe, we do not have much money and we cannot afford to rent a space. That is why we have always turned to the community for their very generous support, and luckily for us, companies and individuals in Corner Brook tend to come through and help.

Santa, do you know of any empty buildings that we may be able to use for storage area? If you could help us find a new space for Christmas, it would be the best present ever.

And could you please take care of the good folks at GDR Enterprises this Christmas. They have been exceptionally good to us, and they deserve a very, very happy Christmas. We certainly appreciate all that they have done for us.

Thank you Santa,

The Off-Broadway Players

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