Off-Broadway Players Moving to Broadway This Weekend


The Off-Broadway Players, Corner Brook's Community Theatre Troupe, is moving into their new home this weekend, and they are looking for a little help.

Back in December, the community theatre company wrote a letter to Santa requesting storage space for their extensive inventory of set pieces. A local couple answered the call and has donated storage space for the group.

"The day we sent out the letter, I was approached by Heather Peckford who owns 5 Broadway. Her and her husband have graciously donated the upstairs portion of their building for us to use," says Steve Perchard, president of the Off-Broadway Players.

Now the group is looking for volunteers to help go through their set pieces andmake the move from their old home in the Aylward Building on O'Connell Drive to their new home.

"We are meeting at the Aylward Building at 12:00 on Saturday afternoon," saidPerchard. "We are hoping for a fairly big turn out of members and supporters tohelp us move our inventory. The more people we have the easier it will be. Even if youonly have a short period of time available, we'll take help however and whenever we canget it."

As a thank you to those who help out, the group is looking to organize a socialon Saturday evening.

If you are interested in helping the Off-Broadway Players with their set move, you an contact Steve by calling 632-2146, or e-mailing

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