10/28/15 2016 Drama Festival Submissions
11/04/14 2015 Drama festival script submissions
11/27/13 OBP holding auditions for Provincial Drama Festival production
09/24/13 Off-Broadway presents Cabaret!
04/28/13 Spring Time Is Script-Selection Time for the Off-Broadway Players
12/06/12 Off-Broadway Players Holding Open Auditions for Drama Festival Production
09/04/12 Auditions for The Wizard of Oz This Weekend
11/29/11 Auditions For Two Shows This Weekend
10/18/11 Little Shop of Horrors
03/16/11 Off-Broadway Players Moving to Broadway This Weekend
12/18/10 OBP's Letter to Santa
11/29/10 OBP to Hold Auditions for True West
10/27/10 OBP Seeking Script Submissions
12/08/09 Amadeus: Festival Piece & Auditions
09/09/09 Rocky Horror Auditions
11/20/08 Off-Broadway Players to get "Closer" in Labrador